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Calendar and Events Support Team | Forkie Support | 2nd Jun, 2013

Tags: schedule, time tracking, events, time management, PIM, collaboration, team events, group events, scheduling, team schedules

Forkie's new Calendar and Events module allows easy event creation and sharing. Collaborate with a group, team or organisation, or just keep your own calendar up-to-date with ease.....[read more]

Feedback tab Support Team | Forkie Support | 24th May, 2013


We've enabled a quick and easy way for you to provide Feedback, or report issues directly within Forkie.

Simply click on the Feedback tab at the top-centre of the screen.

....[read more]

How to create a Tournament Support Team | Forkie Support | 12th Aug, 2012

Tags: tournaments, competition management, sports management, fixtures, sports system, game scheduler, competition scheduling, tournament scheduler

This article explains how to get started with the Forkie Sports Club and Tournament management modules.....[read more]

How does Google work? Support Team | Forkie Support | 7th Aug, 2012

Tags: google, search engine optimisation, seo, google search, increase page rank

Even wondered how Google works or how to improve your page ranking? Check out this quick overview by Google.....[read more]

Why using Microsoft Word for websites is a bad idea Support Team | Forkie Support | 11th Apr, 2012

Tags: website design, bad design, ms word, problems, microsoft word html, bad html

Why Microsoft Word is very bad for websites....[read more]